Brazilian Coffee (Minas Gerais)

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Brazilian Coffee (Minas Gerais)

Product description:

Buttery, almond, milk chocolate, dark cherry, gentle acidity.

Type: Speciality / Origin

Strength: Medium

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More Information

Serra Negra Estate coffee comes from the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais Brazil. The estate has been in the Nakao family for the last 27 years. The current owners show a genuine concern for their surrounding environment and do what they can to balance natural preservation with coffee production and quality.

Thanks to the number of different varieties grown on the farm (Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Topazio, IBC 12, CatuaiAmarelo, CatuaiVermelho and Mundo Novo), the Nakao family have real potential to differentiate themselves in the market and receive higher prices for their unique qualities in the cup. The region has red-yellow soil with an average temperature of 18-25 degrees C and altitudes just over 1100masl. These conditions allow them to dry the crop on their patios, shifting the coffee 10-15 times a day to achieve even and quality drying. A natural sun dried coffee.

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