Colombian Coffee (San Agustin)

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 Colombian Coffee (San Agustin)

Product description:

A mild Arabica coffee. Hand-picked to control quality & purity this coffee has a smooth, rich flavour and full body.

Grown in the Andes mountains near the source of the Magdalena River, shaded by bananas and tropical trees. Stone idols from bygone civilisations can be found in the plantations. This perfect setting produces a mild Arabica coffee. The cherries are handpicked by families of coffee growers who sell direct´┐Ż to control quality and purity. The resulting coffee has a smooth, rich flavour with substantial body.

Type: Origin Coffees

Strength: Medium

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The average rating for this product is

9.5 / 10 

Review by :Alan eardley

(17 October 2019)

10 / 10

A great Colombian standard and finely produced. Delicious.

Review by :Alan Eardley

(04 August 2015)

10 / 10

St Augustin is a lovely mellow coffee at the top end in the Colombian coffee league, and is a perfect example of the class products sourced by this Company.

Review by :Alan Eardley

(26 April 2015)

10 / 10

Overwhelming aroma and luxuriously mild Colombian with just a tiny edge of exciting bittersweet. Peerless!

Review by :Alan Eardley

(21 December 2014)

9 / 10

Once again, Finest Coffee provide with one of the choice Colombian brands. Their ability to source this coffee when other Companies fail to supply places them as leaders in the field! A lovely, milder, Colombian coffee which is always a luxurious delight to drink.

Review by :Alan Eardley

(22 December 2013)

9 / 10

Lovely aroma and very smooth and silky in the cup! Less bitter than other S Augustin I have purchased elsewhere.

Review by :Alan Eardley

(16 December 2013)

9 / 10

Lovely aroma. Creamy mildness, less bitter than the San Augustin I have bought from another dealer.