Costa Rican Coffee (San Jose)

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Costa Rican Coffee (San Jose)

Product description:

A top Arabica coffee from the Orosi region of San Jose, matured slowly, increasing acidity, giving a fuller flavour. A very good breakfast coffee.
< br >Grown on the Coocafe Cooperative. This is a group of 9 cooperatives made of 3500 small organic producers. They produce 100,000 x 70kg sacks of coffee per year. The money raised from the Fairtrade programme has supported 224 schools and technical colleges.
< br /> This sort of support stops rural migration to the cities. In the organic programme they have concentrated on biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and conservation. Water purification and shade grown coffee are two other major factors.. The coffee has a superb crisp taste with slight acidity and a full body.

Type: Origin Coffees

Strength: Full Medium

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