Dominican Republic (Barahona Paraiso)

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Dominican Republic (Barahona Paraiso)

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This coffee is artificially dried but this does not diminish its smooth and mild taste with lovely aroma.

�Barahona Paraiso� from Alessandro the south of Dominica. It is rather a wet country so most of this selected coffee is artificially dried. This does not diminish its smooth and mild taste with lovely aroma. The trees originally came from Martinique in the 18th Century. The terrain is lower than many other producing countries so grown under 1000m. it is less acidic than other Caribbean coffees. Much of this coffee is roasted in Santo Domingo for the North American market. The coffee is grown according to ecological guidelines. We practice sustainable organic farming. The processing we follow is handpicking of the bean, wet method pulping (manual and mechanical), fermentation, washing, sun drying parchment and hand classification. The difference between Barahona Organic Paraiso and Gajo del Toro is in the altitude where it is grown. Paraiso is grown at an elevation of 600-700 meteres above sea level closer to the sea. Gajo del Toro is grown between 900 �1100 meters above sea level. Both follow the same ecological guidelines and processing..

Type: Origin Coffees

Strength: Medium

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9.0 / 10 

Review by :Narawan Promprakai

(15 October 2012)

8 / 10

Because I do not drink coffee myself, I don't think it's totally fair for the coffee, but I bought it as a birthday gift for my boyfriend who is a big coffee lover. He loved it, although he said it's quite mild for his taste. I love the aroma though. Warm, rich and sexy. That, I can recommend

Review by :christine randall

(04 July 2011)

10 / 10

This is probably the best coffee I have ever tasted.