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 Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee

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Monsoon Malabar is a process of making making wher the beans are exposed to the monsoon winds in open warehouses, which increases the body and reduces the acidity, an excellent espresso coffee.

Type: Origin Coffees

Strength: Strong

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Taking its name from India's southwest coast, Monsooned Malabar is prepared during the monsoon months of June to September where open warehouses allow direct exposure to the monsoon winds, increasing the body and reducing the acidity in the coffee.

Picked in the Malabar region, it makes an excellent espresso coffee when dark roasted and also blends well with other coffees.

Taste: A truly unique coffee, sweet and smooth, and unlike any other coffee in the world

It was in 1600 that the Muslim pilgrim, Baba Budan, brought seeds back to India and planted them in the mountains near Mysore. The resulting coffees are noted for their smooth, mild brew and a delicate flavour but having good body. The characteristics of Mysore allow it to blend with Mocha Coffee.

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9.7 / 10 

Review by :Laura Wainwright

(12 May 2014)

10 / 10

Great coffee!

Review by :Robert Jewell

(20 February 2013)

9 / 10

first class coffe and the company knows how to grind it correctley

Review by :Robert Jewell

(17 May 2011)

10 / 10

excelent coffe , well worth trying