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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Product description:

This is the quintessential classic coffee, rich flavour, aroma, full body with mild acidity. Blue Mountain is considered the �Rolls Royce� of all coffees.

Type: Speciality Coffees

Strength: Medium

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More Information

Jamaican Blue Mountain

  • Altitude: 1500 metres
  • Rainfall: 1800mm
  • Drying Method: Sun Dry
  • Soil Type: Volcanic
  • Shade: Inga Trees
  • Harvest: Jan-March - once a year
  • Annual Quantity: 10,000 tonnes

Estate Name: Gold Cup Estate Region: Blue Mountains, Jamaica, Caribbean

Historic Profile: Governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicholas Lawes introduced coffee to Jamaica in 1730. Since then the Jamaican coffee industry has endured many high and lows. In 1953, the Jamaican Government created the Coffee Industry Board (CIB) of Jamaica, a regulatory body established to protect the quality of Jamaican coffee.

All coffee exported from Jamaica is shipped by the CIB and is open to rigorous testing by highly trained quality control experts. They guarantee that all coffee exported is 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain and only fully licensed importers are allowed to purchase Blue Mountain coffee directly from the Jamaican farmers.

Today, many connoisseurs agree that Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the world�s best. An exquisite balance of aroma, body and acidity makes Blue Mountain Coffee very special. Our coffee is sourced from an award winning estate and it is also the highest altitude plantation in the Blue Mountain region!

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The average rating for this product is

9.6 / 10 

Review by :Catherine Fancy

(01 September 2020)

8 / 10


Review by :Nicola Biddiss

(19 December 2018)

10 / 10

Initially sent wrong coffee- wasn�t a problem. Sent correct one which arrived very shortly after Great service. Great coffee Thank you

Review by :Asiri Rathnayake

(01 December 2017)

10 / 10

First time I'm having Blue Mountain. I think I like Kona better, but this is certainly up there with it :)

Review by :Richard Rust

(30 October 2017)

10 / 10

very nice but not sure whether it is worth the cost

Review by :Amanda Olver

(04 July 2017)

10 / 10

Excellent coffee beans, fast delivery

Review by :Charles Fogg

(15 June 2017)

10 / 10

I have been drinking Blue Mountain for the past 7 years which says it all. Great coffee, great taste and so smooth!

Review by :Mark Shaw

(05 January 2016)

10 / 10

Superb. Wonderfully balanced with a pure, rich taste. Pity its too expensive for everyday use.

Review by :Louise Watts

(30 December 2014)

10 / 10

Quick delivery packaged well I assume the coffee was delicious as it was a present

Review by :victoria elliott

(07 March 2014)

9 / 10

Bought as a christmas present. So good i bpight for the same person as a birthday present. Packaging looks like hessian bag online though would be 10 out of 10 if it came in one.

Review by :Val Danvers Wright

(15 December 2012)

10 / 10

It's been years since I spoiled myself with a bag of Blue Mountain and I love it as much as ever. I wish it was a little cheaper but it's very special coffee and lovely for the occasional indulgence!

Review by :patricia munns

(23 November 2012)

10 / 10


Review by :Michael Putman

(12 May 2011)

10 / 10

Great as always

Review by :Barbara Petty

(06 April 2011)

10 / 10

Lovely coffee but it was very expensive

Review by :Andy Gisbourne

(05 April 2011)

7 / 10

Very nice coffee but would of liked it to be stronger flavour

Review by :Michael Putman

(05 April 2011)

10 / 10

Good coffee, completely satisfied

Review by :M J PUTMAN

(27 March 2011)

10 / 10

Absolutely fine

Review by :Michael Putman

(28 February 2011)

10 / 10

As good as any Blue Mountain we have tasted