Nepal`s Mount Everest Supreme Coffee

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Nepal`s Mount Everest Supreme Coffee

Product description:

Smooth with a mild body. Light acidity of grapes & soft fruit.

The only single plantation in the Kingdom of Nepal producing fine organic, shadegrown, wet processed (Himalayan river water washed) and sun dried beans.

Leasing deforested land from the Government, Caturra and Arusha seeds were brought in from Papua New Guinea to create the plantation.

The aim of our project is :-Reforestation and soil conservation

-Creation of Employment giving priority to uneducated and unprivileged women of this remote region

-Earning of much needed foreign exchange via exports for the country

-Support to a local primary School

The above has been attained with the kind patronage of our European buyers and the plantation area is now reinhabitated with wildlife ; various types of pheasants,leopards,jackals porcupines,the occasional deer and numerous bird species.

Type: Organic and Fairtrade / Origin / Speciality

Strength: Medium

Please Select Grind:

  Taster - 50 gm -  Was £6.68 Now £4.95

  100 gm -  Was £12.08 Now £8.95

  Small - 250 gm -  Was £26.93 Now £19.95

  Medium - 500 gm -  Was £49.88 Now £36.95

  1 kg -  Was £91.73 Now £67.95



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