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Smiths Pure Kopi Luwak Coffee

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The most unusual coffee in the world is sought like treasure in the Sumatran rainforest and found in the pellets of the palm civet (also called the Luwak). It eats the cherry but cannot digest the inner bean!

Type: Speciality Coffees

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  Kopi Luwak 100% Certified -125gm -  Was £60.75 Now £45.00



More Information

Kopi Luwak Wild Civet Cat

  • Altitude: 1200 metres
  • Rainfall: 1300mm
  • Drying Method: Sun Dry
  • Soil Type: Volcanic - Andosois
  • Shade: Rubber trees
  • Harvest: n/a � all year round
  • Annual Quantity: 500 tonnes

Estate Name: Cooperative Region: Sumatra Island, South East Asia, Indonesia

Historic Profile: Luwak is the Indonesian name for the Civet Cat. Civets spend their nights rampaging through the local coffee plantations. They inspect each berry meticulously and they only choose to eat the berries that are perfectly ripened, with just the right amount of water content and acidity in the parchment.

This ability to differentiate perfect from average is partially the reason Kopi Luwak is so prized above coffee that is handpicked by farm workers. The other reason is the unique processing those berries go through - once the Luwak has ingested the ripe berries, a "100% Natural" process begins.

The intestinal enzymes and juices of the Luwak remove any bitterness from the bean � leaving an almost perfectly processed natural coffee bean. Every bean of Kopi Luwak collected on our estate is from wild jungle civet cats.

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