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Tanzanian Robusta Coffee

Product description:

A typical African coffee, but has more body and less acidity than its neighbour, Kenya. A full roast all day coffee, having a light fruitiness.

Type: Fair trade Coffees

Strength: Medium

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Grown on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, the coffee plants are allowed to flourish in their natural, fertile volcanic environment, with clear and untreated water from the forest used for both irrigation and processing.

From cherry picking to washing and drying, every step of the coffee production is carefully monitored and constantly improved.

The estate also has its own coffee nursery, and the parts of the estate not used for agriculture are being replanted with trees to restore the forests; it is a scheme that has a positive effect on both the environment and the local community,

Social responsibility is a priority at the estate, with the proceeds from the coffee reinvested into the community. An education fund has been set up for the local school, and the employees are provided with the housing and day care facilities.

Taste: Well balanced, full bodied, smooth and complex, the coffee also has notes of raspberry and plenty of sweetness

We usually use Uganda robustas as they have a cleaner and less earthy flavour. Robusta on its own is quite a harsh tasting coffee, but correctly blended can give some blends, particularly espressos, the heavier body needed to develop a stronger brew. Indian robusta has the mildest taste and is very smooth when prepared by the �washed� method, usually robustas are dry processed. Sulawesi Kalossi

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Review by :Elaine Stones

(01 November 2019)

10 / 10

I haven�t used it yet, it is a Christmas present.